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    Where are Todd Alan Woodcraft products manufactured?


    Todd Alan Woodcraft products are proudly produced in the USA, more specifically in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


    What are your hours?

     We are open Tuesday thru Saturday. 10am - 5pm PST


    Where do you get your wood and how is it selected?


    We network with a variety of vendors world wide to obtain the highest quality wood we can find.

    We work with several varieties of wood from the United States, Canada, South America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. 

     We use only the highest quality wood available. Each piece is hand selected by us for color, grain and width, so we can best match boards that are used in the construction of a single item.


    Is every board or lighting project the same?


    Though we do our best to match grain patters and colors within a product line,  due to nature and tree species, grain and growth, all wood is different and no two cutting/serving/flight/charcuterie/butcher boards are exactly the same. Though not fully pictured, some boards  may have coloring, figuring, flecking, mineral streaks, mended knots left for ascetic purposes and other natural characteristics.  We stand behind our boards One-Hundred percent for construction and workmanship. These mentioned wood characteristics do not effect board quality or longevity. 


    Electronic and Lighting fixtures are mostly one of a kind, as we inspired for the design of the lighting by the unique bases we create. We strive for zero waste, and a lot of our lamp bases are made from the left over wood of other projects, repurposed for a product, instead of a dumpster. That’s why many of our lighting bases are one-of-a-kind.


    I'd like to order a Cutting, Charcuterie or Serving board or product without feet, can I?

    Boards, YES. The feet allow the boards to have grip, be stable on the surface its set and also to help it dry evenly after washing, cleaning and oiling. It is IMPORTANT to note:  Any board without  feet will not be warrantied and once the board leaves our facility, the warranty is instantly void.   For more information visit our Returns, Exchanges and Warranties page for more information. 

    Since some boards and products are designed without feet, those originally designed without feet are considered to be warrantied under our full warranty. 

    Electrical products, NO- when it comes to electrical works removing feet is not an option. Most electronics and lamps will have feet unless designed not to. We are NOT responsible for issues or accidents if any parts or pieces of electronics, lamps or lights are altered or removed.


    Can I alter a design or order a completely custom piece? 

    Other than removing feet, altering a piece is considered a custom job. Please contact us BEFORE ordering for any altered or custom piece you are interested in having produced.

     For custom orders, email us directly here: orders@toddalanwoodcraft.com


    Does Todd Alan Woodcraft require a deposit?

    For all custom work, yes. Please ask us for more information.


    Do your cutting boards contain glue?

    Yes, we use industry standard glue, used in the production of food quality products.  We use the highest quality materials for every single job.


    Do you chemically treat your products. 

    Cutting, Serving, Flight, Charcuterie boards and Butcher block products, No. We use food grade mineral oils and bees wax. 

     Lighting products may have some kind of federally approved chemical treatment if needed in rare cases- but usually- No.  

    We strive to make all our products as natural as possible. 


    What kind of finish is used on the boards and other wood based products?

    For Cutting, Serving, Flight, Charcuterie boards and Butcher Blocks we use food grade minerals oils and bees wax.

    To purchase these products for home care, go here:  Wood Care Products.

     Electronic and Lighting products may use mineral oils and wax, but also some products may have sealants, stains, and non-food grade materials.

     Outdoor specific products will have sealants, stains, and non-food grade materials.

     If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on a specific product.


    How accurate are the dimensions listed on the website and in the catalog?

    We measure, and re-measure for the best accuracy. Wood by its nature will expand or contract depending on temperature and humidity. 

    Our measurements are accurate in the climate we keep the products.


    Are the colors shown throughout this website accurate?

    We do our best to attempt to keep our images true to natural color during the photography and editing process. Our screens are calibrated to the best setting in an attempt to keep this trueness, but may or may not be completely accurate. Also depending on your screen’s settings and preferences, color may or may not properly be presented. 


    Are there color samples available?

    No, we do not provide color samples as all wood is unique in coloring and grain. Once wood is oiled it takes on its own life. What you see on the site is the closest representation of the product. 


    If you’d like to see a generic sample of a woods raw coloring, we suggest going to this website with an easy to search database of 1000’s of wood varieties and their sample pictures.




    How do I store and care for my Todd Alan Woodcraft boards?

    Store products flat in a dry area away from extreme hot or cold temperatures as nothing is fully mildew or mold proof. Wood is a porous material. Some serving and flight boards can be hung on a wall if designed to. Same conditions on storage apply. 

    DO NOT LEAVE OUTSIDE.  If any product is left outside that is not designed to be, we can tell upon inspection and the warranty will be instantly voided.  Oil your board monthly to prevent drying and cracking. Every other month we suggest oiling and waxing your wood products (boards, flights, lamp bases, so forth). Lack of proper maintenance could potentially void your limited warranty.



    Follow the directions HERE to learn about how to care for your wood based product.


    Also, We do not recommend using serrated knives on any boards. 


    Can I use the same cutting board for Vegetables that I use for Raw Meats and Seafoods?

    We suggest using separate boards for Vegetables,  Meats and Seafoods. Cross Contamination of food borne bacteria most likely will occur if you use the same board without completely cleaning, treating it and allowing it to dry. Even though wood has been found in some laboratory results to have a natural antibacterial property, take common sense steps to prevent the spreading of food borne bacteria.


    How do I care for a planter or outdoor piece I’ve purchased?

    We use the best quality products for our outdoor pieces. We’ve researched varnish, stain and sealer, to provide the longest lasting and best quality finish we can find.  These are chemicals not used in making our other products, so our outdoor pieces are not finished in the same place that our food grade products are made. 


    Even though we use the best products, direct light, heat and climate all apply when caring for your outdoor products purchase. With cedar planters, as an example, we suggest purchasing some of our stain or finish, as for longevity, cedar planters to be re-stained every other year. 



    Ordering, Payments, Security and Warranty:


    Where can I purchase a Todd Alan Woodcraft Product?  

    You can purchase them from this site, toddalanwoodcraft.com or one of our authorized retailer sites or  an authorized independent representative. 


    When there are more than one size available of a product, how will I know what I’m getting?

    When you click on a size, if there are multiple sizes when it comes to Cutting, Serving, Flight or Charcuterie board, you WILL see the exact board you’re receiving when you click on that size option box. Many of our boards in a style are uniquely sized for characteristics in the wood and not mass produced.


    Some products of one size, without variable sizing options may be different than the one pictured. 


    How do I place an order?

    Go to the product you’d like to buy and select the size you’d like if there are multiple sizes available.  If you want to buy more than one of an item, enter the number of additional items in the small white box with the number if it is not a unique piece and you will be choosing by size. 

    Click “ADD TO CART”  or if you’d like to purchase with PayPal, click **“Buy with PayPal”

    After that follow the instructions on the screen.   

    At this point, you can either “Check out” to go to the shopping cart or click “Continue Shopping” if you’d like to continue shopping.

    One in the shopping cart you will see the item and payment instructions. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction. 


    **Selecting “Buy with PayPal” will redirect you to a PayPal log-in window. After that follow the instructions on PayPal to complete the transaction. 


    How will I know when my order has shipped?

    You will receive a shipping notification when the shipping label gets printed. Shipping pick-up may take 2 to 3 business days from the time the label is printed. We do our best to get items shipped in a timely manner. A tracking number will be provided.


    How secure are payments with Todd Alan Woodcraft?   

    All our payments are handled by industry standard payment gateways or through Shopify and its partners or contractors. This website takes precautions to protect users information. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information. 


    Do you allow 3rd parties access to my information?

    We at Todd Alan Woodcraft do not sell personal information to 3rd parties. For our information go to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

    For credit card processors such as Shopify, PayPal or other credit card processors, please view their individual privacy policies and terms. 


    Is Todd Alan Woodcraft workmanship and materials Warrantied?

    Yes. In fact, we do our best to produce the highest quality wood products in the industry and stand behind our workmanship. We offer a limited Warranty. For more information see our Returns, Exchanges and Warranties page for more information.


    What is the Todd Alan Woodcraft return policy?

    See the Returns, Exchanges and Warranties page for more information. 

    We want your experience with Todd Alan Woodcraft products to be the best possible positive experience. If you have any product related questions please feel free to email us here (contact) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Sales Cancellation of an Order or Order of Custom item(s)/Products.

    Todd Alan Woodcraft LLC (toddalanwoodcraft.com) reserves the right at any point in the sales or production process to cancel, in full, the production of a custom item or items and Refuse Service to Anyone.

    Custom items are sold as NO REFUNDS, once production has started on the project.
    In some rare cases, a partial refund may be given depending on where the item(s) is in the production process, if special materials or other components were purchased that are needed to produce the product, or for any other reason not stated.

    Todd Alan Woodcraft LLC reserves the right at any point in the sales process of an in-stock item(s) to cancel the sale -or -Refuse the Right of Service online, in-store or via any means of electronic communication to Anyone. We honor, respect and uphold the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.


    California Prop 65 WARNINGS

    Wood Products:
    “WARNING: These products may contain or create “wood dust” and may have "a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

    WARNING: "Handling the cord on our lighting products may expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause [cancer, and] birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling."

    Metal Piping/Lighting:
    WARNING: "These metal piping products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”